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    Nothing beats a rate a ZERO! You can quickly sort and compare up to date balance transfer offers with 0% rate promotions. We help you quickly compare, review and apply for great offers, from the worlds best credit card providers, to lock in immediate savings, low rates and great balance transfer promotions!
  • Find The Best 2015 Balance Transfer Offers Online – We review the market daily, researching card offers, deals, promotions and news releases from the top credit card providers to bring you the most up to date card offers in 2015

    There has never been a better time to get a balance transfer credit card locked in at zero percent. Choose from great offers like the from leading card companies which are all offering zero percent interest balance transfer promotions. Leading banks and card companies including American Express, Bank of America, Barclay, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Discover, Wells Fargo Top zero percent deals with 0% Apr through 2015 and into 2016 now!
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  • Review Popular Zero Percent Interest and Promotional Credit Card Offers

    Top Rated Balance Transfer Cards
    Shop and compare credit card balance transfer deals. Find the best zero percent interest card offers to transfer away your high interest card balances today. Apply online today for a 0% APR balance transfer from leading card companies. We help find the newest card promotions from leading credit card companies and card providers to help you save with a balance transfer card application.

    Important things to remember when applying for a new balance transfer credit card , make sure that the zero percent rate is locked in for a minimum of six months. Find out what the default rate will adjust to after the initial zero percent rate expires. Make sure your payments are done on time and that you don't impact your credit scores by applying for too many credit cards at any give time.
  • Benefits of Transferring Credit Card Balance To Zero Rate Card Offers

    Transferring the balance from your credit card with a high interest rate to the one with a lower interest rate has several benefits. This would allow you to save extra dollars at every month end once you start using a credit card with the lower rate of interest.

    Usually, balance transfer fees are charged by credit card issuing institutes when you transfer the balance from your credit card to another one. The balance transfer fees charged are normally 2 to 3 percent of the sum of the amount being transferred. Additionally, there is typically a minimum fee on the transfer amount, such as $10. At times, there is also a maximum fee associated with balance transfer, like $100, but most credit cards don’t have a cap on the fee being charged. These fees can add up and essentially wipe out the benefits of transferring your credit-card balance.

    These fees are generally waived when you choose a balance transfer credit card. Based on the card, these charges may only be waived for a limited time period. Some cards require you to initiate the balance transfer when applying for the credit card to get the waiver. Other cards require you to complete the balance transfer in the first six months or the first year to get the waiver. There are also some cards that never charge balance transfer fees as they like to receive the consequent finance charges. In fact, if you talk and negotiate with credit-card companies, most of them will waive the transfer fee as they know that their credit card will make more money for them in the long run.

    The main benefit of transferring your credit-card balance is the low interest rate. A great transfer deal would be to get a credit card that doesn’t charge any interest rate on the transferred amount ever. This means that though the interest rate charged on the purchases made by you using your new credit card may increase in the future, the amount you transferred will always remain interest free.

    When considering a balance transfer credit card, always check the interest rate carefully. Some of these cards charge low rate of interest on the balance transferred for the life while others don’t do so. Make sure to verify how the interest rate is figured once the introductory period has ended. Moreover, ensure that you know what you have to do to be entitled for the low interest rate during the introductory period. Some credit cards require that your transfer the balance immediately to get the lower interest rate, while others allow you to make the transfer anytime during the introductory period.

    Another great benefit of the balance transfer is that you can consolidate your debt. You can save lots of money by transferring all of yours high interest debts to single low interest credit card. Additionally, it will make it easier to keep track of all your transactions as well as make payments.
  • Ten Popular reasons to find a zero percent balance transfer or reward card for the winter of 2015

    #1 Vacation - use the interest you can save monthly to help cover your vacation plans
    #2 Home Improvements - saving interest on your credit cards each month will give you some extra cash to fix up your home
    #3 Debt Reduction - probably should be 1-10, who doesn't need some extra cash to cover high interest debts
    #4 Emergency Funds - create a new emergency cash flow stash
    #5 Extra Money to start a 401k or retirement plan
    #6 Perks of a new card - yep, the travel deals on credit cards are getting better
    #7 This is an election year, who knows what banks may offer next year
    #8 Marjor banks are offering up to 18 months at zero percent, that gives you no interest until the middle of 2015
    #9 No Fees to transfer on the many popular balance transfer offer, pretty cool and instant savings
    #10 Paying yourself instead of the bank, always a GREAT IDEA!
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